Dublin Time-lapse photography production

Dublin is a city that has it all - from historic buildings to breathtaking coastlines, making it a perfect destination for capturing stunning time-lapses. As a photographer living in Dublin, the year 2020 brought with it new challenges in the form of lockdowns and travel restrictions. But this didn't stop me from pursuing my passion for photography. Instead, it made me think creatively about new ways to capture the beauty of the city. And that's when I discovered time-lapses.

I decided to take my time-lapse photography to the next level by learning more about the techniques involved in capturing and editing them. This is when my journey as a time-lapse photographer began.

Walking along the River Liffey became my favorite pastime, and I used this opportunity to capture the beauty of the river and its surroundings. I named this project "Riverside" and used a range of cameras, from GoPro to full-frame DSLR, to experiment and gain more experience in time-lapse photography.

Over the course of five months, I took around 9000 pictures, which resulted in 35 time-lapse clips, each containing roughly 250 photos. This project was a great learning experience, and it gave me a fresh perspective on the beauty of Dublin.